The Best Property Management Software UK

Best Property Management Software
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Octo’s cloud-based property software is the best property management software in the UK – primarily because it helps you work the way you want, when you want. With top class, tried and tested software tools, Octo helps you keep your property show on the road (literally!) If you have access to the internet, you can manage your online portfolio! Why not sign up today for free and try it for yourself?

Octo’s property management software solutions allow you to align your workflow, from portfolio-wide analysis to property level detail. Octo’s user-friendly interface means as a landlord and property owner, you can quickly analyse earnings, reports, and figures. With Octo it’s so easy to track your entire property portfolio, whether you’re a commercial or a residential landlord. Stay on top of things and get a complete overview of your profit and loss account. Gain insight into what properties are the most profitable.

Octo’s property management software has a variety of features and allows you to work smarter. It’s very straightforward to get a detailed breakdown of your most profitable properties with Octo and identify areas for improvement. For example, at Octo we know adding another profitable investment to your portfolio is the key to sustained growth. Octo’s property management software makes analysing future deals easy with our Octo Acquisition Calculator. Get instant long-term and short-term metrics helping evaluate both the short term and ​long-term potential of the targeted property. Compare future deals with your current portfolio and start making informed, strategic decisions.

With Octo, you’re also safe in the knowledge that our property management software is GDPR compliant. Our quick cloud hosting ensures your data is available whenever you need it, but also most importantly, that your data and information is protected. As a landlord you can store, and access tenancy details securely – it’s all just a few clicks away! You can even set up renewal reminders and notices – so you’re never caught out! Keep on top of all your rent renewals and tenancy expiry matters with timely reminders and notifications.

Working with Octo means you’re working with the best property management software in the country. Let us help you work smarter, and more securely.

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