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Adding Historical Tenancies

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Adding Historical Tenancies

On each unit summary page there is a list of all the previous tenancies and their associated data. When you close a tenancy it will automatically be added to this list however, you can add historical tenancies to each unit from before you were using Octo. This helpful guide will take you through this quick and easy process step by step.


Step 1:  The following steps are similar to the “Getting Started: Add Tenancy” guide, so for more detail be sure to check that out also. First step is to press “Add Tenancy” this can be done from anywhere in the platform.


Step 2:  Make sure to choose the correct property and unit and then fill out the form details. The one important difference between a new tenancy and a historic one is choosing the “Tenancy Status”.

Step 3: Select Past on “Tenancy Status” and this will tell Octo that the Tenancy being entered is historic and will file this appropriately.


Step 4: Check the unit summary page to make sure it has been added to your historic list.

Octo offers a free onboarding service where we can populate your account with your portfolio free of cost, just contact one of the team at


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