Free Landlord Software

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Why Use UK Free Property Management Software:

Octo is a completely free to use UK based landlord platform.

We help 1000’s of landlords manage their rental properties on our platform each day.

We are the leading free management platform that provides a full package of management tools giving users a wide range of advanced tools to help them manage and grow their portfolio.

Before we dig into what Octo can offer you, it’s important to understand why you might need us. Some landlords are happy using methods such as excel spreadsheets, but if you are looking to decrease your admin time and increase your portfolio profitability then Octo’s intuitive cloud-based platform is for you!

Can you resonate with any of these points below?

  • You manage multiple rental properties. For most people, staying on top of maintenance and collecting rental payments from multiple properties is time consuming. This is especially true if you’re routinely dealing with tenant requests and chasing missing payments. Octo’s property management platform can streamline this into one digital portal so you don’t miss a beat (or payment!)


  • Spending hours looking for old documents and editing old paper work. Being a landlord goes hand in hand with dealing with documents and paperwork. Keeping track of all your files and certificates can become unmanageable. With Octo, all your documents are stored securely in the cloud, meaning that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world!


  • Looking for a new solution to collect rents and stay on top of late payments. If you spend hours waiting on payments reconciling with your bank and unsure how to track if payments have arrived or not. You need to use Octo’s open banking functionality that links directly with your bank account and recognises if rent has or hasn’t been paid on a property.


Why Use Free Property Management Software?

There are multiple scenarios in which using property management software would be a wise move.

For example, you might be a new landlord trying to find the most efficient way to manage your portfolio. Or a seasoned landlord with a large portfolio who is looking to reduce your overheads and increase profit while also minimising admin time.

Octo’s free property platform is ideal for both situations, we can automate many of your daily tasks no matter how big or small your portfolio is and make sure you follow your regulatory requirements.

Key Features Of Octo’s Free UK Property Management Software:

Tenancy Management.

  • Our software tracks all your tenancy related information providing a real time picture of your portfolio.


Certificate Management

  • Track & store all your property certificates and set reminders for when you need to renew them.


Rental Payment Management

  • Track all your rental payments and see what tenants have and haven’t paid their rent.


Open banking integration

  • Connect to any UK bank via our Plaid open banking integration.


Access to 100+ of legal templates

  • We have a full catalogue of ready to use templates for any situation you might find yourself in.


Unlimited picture and document storage

  • Store unlimited pictures & documents on our cloud based platform.


Set task notifications

  • Set tasks and reminders for properties and units so you can keep track of your to-do list!


Income and Expenses

  • Our detailed financial centre is the best place to keep track of your transactions so you don’t miss a penny.


Detailed Reporting

  • Octo provides detailed property reporting at portfolio, property and unit level.


Check out a full feature description here


Advanced Data Security:

Octo is backed up multiple times a day with a daily back up stored offline to provide maximum data protection. We also use industry leading hosting providers to insure 99.98% uptime coupled with easy access to support. Find out more about our advanced security.


FAQ’s About Our Free Landlord Software


How much does Octo cost?

  • It is completely free to manage your portfolio on Octo.


Is there a maximum number of properties?

  • No, you can add as many properties as you like.


Who are you?

  • We are a team of tech wizards who are passionate about all things property and are constantly looking for ways to innovate in the management space.


Are you regulated?

  • Yes, Octo is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follows their strict data protection laws. You can find our company profile here


If you are looking for free landlord software to help you manage your portfolio or help grow your property business Octo is a great partner to choose. Sign up now!