February 2021 Platform Updates

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Welcome to Octo V2.2. We have been working hard over the last 4 weeks to bring you a whole host of new features. Our main goal is to continually improve and bring you the best free online platform in the market. The aim of our latest update is to further build on our core objectives and help deliver more value to you, our users.

We have already received a lot of helpful feedback from you which informed a large amount of the new functionality that we have implemented so we’re hoping that this will further increase your experience. We continue to work on new ideas in the background but ask that you continue with your invaluable feedback and suggestions- these can be sent to

An extensive list of the new functionality is as follows:

Paid/Unpaid Rent:

From now on, all automatically generated rental entries on your dashboard will be marked as unpaid. This will allow you to easily monitor and track which tenants have and have not paid their rent. We have created an easy to use widget that will allow you to mark off unpaid rent each month.


In addition to this, you can now see a full payment history of the current tenancy on the unit summary page.


Form Centre:

Octo now gives you access to over 80 legal documents and guides. We have worked closely with our partners in the sector to create an invaluable bank of templates and guides to help you navigate any situation you might find yourself in.

We know that a number of you have your own templates and have asked if it is possible to access and use them within your account. So we have also added a new area which allows you to upload your own preferred templates and store them on the platform- hopefully saving you time and allowing you to use documents that you are already familiar with.


Automatic Debt Entries:

Debt payments entered into the property information page will now be entered into the platform every month and your mortgage balance deducted accordingly. This means that you will now have an active balance of your property debit within your Octo account.


Task Scheduler:

Keep your to-do list in one place, you can now keep track of all your daily, weekly and monthly tasks on Octo.


Certificate Tracking:

Track all your certificates down to unit level and never miss an electrical or gas inspection check again.



If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch: