Free Property Management Software for Everyone

Introduction Property management is a challenging and time-consuming job, but it’s necessary to ensure that your property is up to code and in good condition. Fortunately, there are many free tools you can use to manage your properties without spending money on expensive training courses or costly subscriptions. You can even customize these tools for […]

6 Tips for Buy-To-Let landlords in 2022

6 Tips for Buy-To-Let landlords in 2022   Becoming a landlord in 2022 isn’t easy so we’ve put together some handy tips to help make it easier for you.    Use a property intelligence platform to get an advantage Landlords are having a hard time of it and finding new opportunities is becoming harder and […]

How to Handle Disputes with Tenants

At the start of any tenancy, you don’t ever envision getting into a dispute and hope they will be noble custodians of your property, paying rent on time and having a good relationship with the neighbours.   Although thankfully this is generally the case with most tenants there are times where you’ll have to deal […]

Property Investment for beginners

Are you new to the buy-to-let game? Or looking to take your first steps to become a property investor?   While the journey is exciting, there are some easy mistakes to avoid especially when just starting out. To ensure you don’t make the same mistakes I and 1,000’s of other landlords have made we’ve put […]

The Winning Airbnb Arbitrage Strategy

Airbnb continues to grow with more and more holidaymakers and business travellers turning to the platform for accommodation on their travels. One misconception is that you have to own a property in order to generate income from Airbnb. You can achieve this by utilising a technique called Airbnb arbitrage which can be very rewarding but […]

6 Best Strategies To Start a Property Portfolio with No Money

Property has long been one of the most popular investment vehicles in the UK and can deliver strong and stable returns to investors. However, it can require investors that have money upfront and this can be the biggest barrier to entry for new investors.   Despite this, there are several different strategies that can be […]

Free Landlord Software

Why Use UK Free Property Management Software: Octo is a completely free to use UK based landlord platform. We help 1000’s of landlords manage their rental properties on our platform each day. We are the leading free management platform that provides a full package of management tools giving users a wide range of advanced tools […]