The Best Property Management Software UK

Best Property Management Software

Octo’s cloud-based property software is the best property management software in the UK – primarily because it helps you work the way you want, when you want. With top class, tried and tested software tools, Octo helps you keep your property show on the road (literally!) If you have access to the internet, you can […]

Free Property Management Platform

Free Property Management Platform

Octo’s primary aim is to provide landlords with an easy-to-use free property management platform that provides a complete suite of the necessary business tools to effectively manage a busy property portfolio. We help thousands of landlords across the UK with our easy to access, bespoke property software. We know only too well that being a […]

Free Property Management Software

Free Property Management Software

Contrary to popular belief, being a landlord does have its disadvantages, and doesn’t mean the money simply starts rolling in. Despite some tax breaks, you’ll have to pay tax on any rental income earned, and there is generally a lot more paperwork to contend with than first envisaged, once you’re up and running/renting. (That’s why […]

Invasive & Non-Native Plant Species

Invasive & Non-Native Plant Species

Most landlords expect tenants to take care of any garden that comes with the property in question – and this is a reasonable enough request! However, there are some plants that even the most conscientious of tenants will struggle to control. Plants that are not native to the UK and invasive species, like Japanese knotweed, […]

Are UK Landlords Paying More Property Tax Than Their International Neighbours?

Unfortunately landlords across the country are feeling the financial strain arising from recent tax and regulatory changes in the property sector. In this blog post, with the help of a recent study from the London School of Economics, I’ll analyse how the UK compares to similar nations with regards to taxation factors and control of the private rented […]

Damp Proof Courses: What Are They & Different Types of DPCs

Damp Proof Courses

Water damage is a massive hassle for landlords and can inconveniently strike when you least expect it! Water damage can not only be expensive and time consuming to fix, but can (in extreme cases) leave properties unable to house tenants. Utilising a damp proof course (DPC) is the most effective way to protect you property […]

The best Bank Accounts for Landlords in 2022

The best Bank Accounts for Landlords in 2022

As a landlord the ability to manage your finances is a key requirement for success. Landlords regularly deal with a high number of both income and expense transactions, regular mortgage payments, landlord insurance and rent etc. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are using the right tax and accountancy products, services, and software […]

Do I need an EPC report for a HMO?

Do I need an EPC report for a HMO?

With just a few years before the new regulations come into force in 2025, now is exactly the right time to start considering how your property portfolio will be impacted by the impending rules. Begin by throughly analysing your properties – what needs to be done in order that they move up to a C […]

Section 24

Section 24

The government introduced Section 24 of the finance act (2015) in April 2017. The changes were introduced gradually but came into full effect in April 2020. In this post we explain how it affects landlords income and what they can do to off-set the impact. What is Section 24? Section 24, in simple terms, removes […]

Buying with Tenants in Situ

Tenant in Situ

Purchasing a property with a tenant in situ is becoming more common for UK landlords with buyers and sellers both seeing the advantages. What does “tenant in situ” mean? It means that a property is listed for sale and the tenant currently living in the property is expected to stay in the property during and […]

Buy-To-Let: Cash Buyer vs Mortgage


Purchasing an investment property with cash only can be advantageous to those who have the capital to invest. However, there are pros and cons of using only cash as opposed to using a debt to fund the purchase. Paying with cash:  The pro’s to an all cash purchase: You can snap up property faster when […]

A Landlords Guide to Legal Cover & Insurance

No matter how careful you are, being a Landlord is hard work and things can still go wrong so you need to prepare for the unexpected. As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to insure the property against damage like fire and flood. While there is nothing stopping you from taking out a regular home insurance […]

Capital Gains Tax 2021: What Landlords Need to Know

Selling a property isn’t always straightforward and generally comes with a number of forms, negotiations and is subject to various expenses. Capital Gains tax is likely to be your biggest expense when selling a buy-to-let property or second home. To help you work through how it will affect you as a landlord, we’ve put together […]

February 2021 Platform Updates

Welcome to Octo V2.2. We have been working hard over the last 4 weeks to bring you a whole host of new features. Our main goal is to continually improve and bring you the best free online platform in the market. The aim of our latest update is to further build on our core objectives […]

Goldsborough V CA Property Highlights Some Dangers with Rent-To-Rent 

The market practice of sub-letting a residential property to another party such as a landlord, property manager or local authority (commonly known as rent-to-rent or guaranteed rent) over a fixed long term contract is an attractive model for some property owners.    There are key advantages to both sides of the deal: The owner of the property gets a guaranteed rent […]

Free Property Management Software

Free Property Management Software  2021 is just round the corner, UK based property managers and landlords are reviewing their property management software.   Both landlords and managers are looking for better functionality (accounting, reporting automation & greater support) and of course better value for money. After a turbulent 2020 it is all about improving profits through cost […]

Will COVID-19 Fuel A Warehousing Boom

COVID-19 has only added to the demise of the UK high street and coupled with a home delivery surge is a potential game-changer for commercial property landlords. Over the last decade the growth of online shopping has been relentless, putting pressure on the high street to maintain footfall. Some experts have claimed the Covid-19 pandemic […]