Free Property Management Software

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Free Property Management Software 


Free Property Management Software 

2021 is just round the corner, UK based property managers and landlords are reviewing their property management software.  

Both landlords and managers are looking for better functionality (accounting, reporting automation & greater support) and of course better value for money. After a turbulent 2020 it is all about improving profits through cost reduction, increased management efficiency and streamlining daily tasks.  

Fortunately, they’re finding innovative solutions such as the free Octo Property Management platform to help them meet their 2021 goals.  


Innovative Solutions Deliver Unmatched Benefits. 

The best free property management solutions (i.e...Octo) are allowing owners and managers to easily grow their portfolio while keeping admin tasks under control. Cloud-based platforms are becoming the foundation of a modern property business. In this post we take a detailed look at the pros and cons of cloud-based platforms in 2021.  


Reduce your overheads and increase revenues. 

The property market is changing across the UK putting pressure on landlords to adapt quickly and adjust their offering to meet the new market demand. Octo Property Management is the perfect agile platform for maintaining a healthy property portfolio. 


Octo Serves 2 distinct Customer groups:  

Octo’s free property management platform serves 2 distinct customer groups

  1. Landlords
  2. Property Management Firms


Introducing the Free Octo Property Management Platform: 

You may be a large property management firm or a landlord with less properties to manage, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t both enjoy the same powerful software tools. Both groups have the same profitability goals, management efficiency needs but differing budgets. Our platform delivers the same complex tools to both groups regardless of the budget constraints  

Displaying the financial hub on Octo's free property management platform

Octo is a free all-in-one property management solution that gives you both the security and the computing power of the cloud.  Sign up for free and find out how our platform can take care of your daily tasks.  

If you still have questions regarding our platform contact one of our team today and give your portfolio a much needed boost.  


Migrating to a new management solution. 

Legacy systems are coming to the end of their useful lives with an increase in portfolio sizes and technology trends confirming this. Customers now demand new integrated features and services that can be accessed from any computer at any time.  

Cloud-based platforms are not only modern but are constantly updating and improving to provide better functionality to their user base. Old legacy systems are forcing landlords and property managers to find new solutions in order to meet operational and regulatory demands.  

Octo Property Management is being constantly improved by our team of developers based in the United Kingdom.

We understand our platform always has room for new functionality and are happy to listen to our user base on what they need/want to be added to the platform.  


How to Choose the best solution for you? 

We’ve put together a list of key areas you should take into consideration when choosing a property management platform.  

  1. Is the software cloud-based or installed? 
  2. How much does the software cost? 
  3. Are there customer support and tutorials available?
  4. Does the solution have an accounting system?
  5. How detailed are the reporting statistics? 
  6. How much does it cost to add more units?
  7. Can you scale your portfolio with the platform? 


Several expensive property management platforms aggressively advertise which reflects the investors ad budgets rather than the real value of the solution. We keep our costs as low as possible in order to bring you a free product and provide real value. We believe simplicity, affordability, ease of learning and use, transparency and knowledgeable customer service are the real deliverables.  


Must Have Capabilities in Your Property Management Software: 

From new landlords to well established property management firms a wide range of use cases contribute to 5 key capabilities:

  1. Bookkeeping and accounting  
  2. Maintenance management
  3. Tenant and lease tracking 
  4. Budgeting and financial management
  5. Business automation


Important questions regarding property management solutions:  

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  • What property management software is the best?
  • Wow does property management software work?
  • How much does property management software cost?
  • Why use property management software?