Section 24

Section 24

The government introduced Section 24 of the finance act (2015) in April 2017. The changes were introduced gradually but came into full effect in April 2020. In this post we explain how it affects landlords income and what they can do to off-set the impact. What is Section 24? Section 24, in simple terms, removes […]

Buying with Tenants in Situ

Tenant in Situ

Purchasing a property with a tenant in situ is becoming more common for UK landlords with buyers and sellers both seeing the advantages. What does “tenant in situ” mean? It means that a property is listed for sale and the tenant currently living in the property is expected to stay in the property during and […]

Buy-To-Let: Cash Buyer vs Mortgage


Purchasing an investment property with cash only can be advantageous to those who have the capital to invest. However, there are pros and cons of using only cash as opposed to using a debt to fund the purchase. Paying with cash:  The pro’s to an all cash purchase: You can snap up property faster when […]